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“I'm sorry,” Pippi said finally, “but I don't think I'm your type, and it would hurt me to see you bored with my company after just a few minutes.”. “Hey Siri.” “Go ahead,” a robotic voice answered right away. “Can you tell me how to act in front of a sort of ex-boyfriend?” After a few seconds. KB. the-billionaire-rancher-she-married-a-modern -day-small-town-romance-evergreens-mail-order-brides-bookmarian-tee.

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Marian Tee - The Master and His Soul Seer Pet 02 - KB. Marian_Tee_-_Unclaimed_The_Master_and_His_Soul_Seer_Pet_epub. KB. Read {PDF Epub} Download Savage, Broken, Beautiful by Marian Tee from the story Involve by rogozenmartenis51 with 0 reads. out, business, question. Simple . THE ALPHA'S EVER AFTER A WEREWOLF ROMANCE MARIAN TEE CONTENTS Blurb Want More Hot Alpha Billionaire and Biker Romances from Marian Tee.

Ten years ago Summer for my family typically meant weeks spent in the country, an arrangement that the lord of the house — aka Willem, the Good-Hearted Tyrant — insisted on. We could party if we wanted during the weekends, but we still had to make it back to the country. It was a rule I had no problems following since I loved our estate in Bruin Hemel, but my other siblings were a different matter. Speak of the devil, I thought. The double doors to the family room had swung open and my brother Jaak, older than me by a year, came strolling in, looking his usual gorgeous self but a little hung over. Was he drunk? Jaak laughed at my bewildered expression. I had seen my fair share of beautiful men in my life. I had never used that word to describe a man before, but for him it seemed fitting, with the way every little thing about him had a tremendous impact on my senses. He was tall and powerfully built, the outline of his biceps made more prominent with how the sleeves of his white buttoned-up shirt were rolled up to his elbows. Faded jeans completed his casual look, but the way he carried himself made his clothes seem more elegant than a ten-thousand-dollar suit. His skin was a deep shade of bronze, the kind only Mediterranean men seemed naturally blessed with, and the way he moved was so very…Italian.

As the lines between reality and blood-stained dreams continue to blur, Eden finds herself playing Pied Piper to bitter spirits who blame her for their murders.

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Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Dec 12, Mary rated it really liked it.

This book isn't my normal go to book but it was pretty good! Would make a good and creepy movie I am always a little sceptical when reading books like this but I would recommend to anyone who likes to read books that are creepy but not super scary and not sexual at all. If there was to be a sequel to this story I would definitely read it: View 1 comment.

Aug 11, Alise Readers in Wonderland rated it liked it. It was different than I had expected it to be, but was an overall good read nonetheless. Her only respite is with her two best friends, Stuart and Willow, who believe her because they have secrets of their own. That being said, I really pitied Eden and felt all the emotions that she went through. Her and the rest of the characters were all very original. The writing was a bit confusing, it could use a bit more editing but it got better as the novel rolled on.

Stepbrother Prince : Cinderella Made Smutty by Marian Tee

It talks about God and angels, those who fight against the demons of Hell and Hell itself. The novel passes along a good moral without being too preachy, and I enjoyed it because as a Catholic, I do believe in Heaven and Hell.

It was a very unique story. Aug 29, C. Erani Kole rated it really liked it. This story was very creepy and unique. A girl haunted by ghosts who's friends with just-as-abnormal and beautiful twins already starts off to an interesting story line, seeing her life with the normals versus the real life she leads behind closed doors. I just can't get over how creepy this was!


All the ghosts in here had pretty elaborate backgrounds, making their presence- even if only for a moment -all the more real and a bit frightening. Eden was a major downer but in a weird way, she was very This story was very creepy and unique. Eden was a major downer but in a weird way, she was very optimistic.

I don't know how to explain it. While reading this, I felt depressed almost every other chapter because of how morbid her thoughts were, and yet it was all considered normal to her, so although her normal was my 'too much', she still maintained a sane sound of mind. I think that's one of the reasons why I'm intrigued with this book, because it had me feeling the way she has her entire life.

The twins, her bffs, were cool but I didn't get as much backstory as I'd have liked. I just feel like there could've been more without overloading me.

Also, the romance was not the main thing here, but when it did come up, I was a little disappointed at the gaps.

A lot of times the cute moments felt random because it jumped so quickly from 'amazing friends' to 'oh he loves me' and then something else entirely different was going on, and it just- There were just a few gaps that could've been filled. It was a bit fast paced which was fine, and her slow, methodical way of thinking was a nice contrast.

Did I mention how creepy this thing was?

Jan 11, MsBDiamondDiva1 rated it liked it. This book was beautifully dark and sometimes a little creepy!!!

Marian Tee - Secrets [Kindle Worlds- Melody Anne's Billionaire] (Epub)

I must have imagined it then. Jaak gestured carelessly to his companion. Marcus Ravelli. The name suited him. It sounded manly and sophisticated, mysterious and Wait. My gaze flew back to my brother. Had I heard him correctly? Was I going to live under the same roof with Mr.

Italian Perfection over there? When Jaak glanced at me oddly, I flushed and quickly rose to my feet, realizing I had been gaping all the while. I turned towards Marcus, telling myself to play it cool and act totally normal.

Death Loves Me Not

That was what I wanted to say. But old habits died hard. Stop being so formal, Anneke! Marcus Ravelli closed the distance between us, and I fought against the urge to step back as his presence threatened to overwhelm me. One: I was still in my teddy bear PJs. It was like being punched with a three-hit-combo, the knowledge of just how awful I looked right now frying my brain Ah!

What should I do first? Switch the TV off to salvage my reputation as the smart, sensible girl in the family?

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