The Jungle Book is a 3D CGI animated television series. This series is based on the original book by Rudyard Kipling. Contents. 1 Plot; 2 Characters. Main. Jungle Book Shōnen Mowgli is a Canadian-Japanese anime adaptation of Rudyard Kipling's original collection of stories, The Jungle Book. It aired in , and consists of a total of 52 episodes. The series, a compromise between the original Mowgli stories and the Walt. The Jungle Book: The Adventures of Mowgli Poster .. grandparents and elder sister in this animated series based on the producer's childhood in the 60's. As.

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    Jungle Book Cartoon Series

    With Jimmy Hibbert, David Holt, Nigel Pilkington, Teresa Gallagher. An adaptation of the Disney movie "The Jungle Book", Mowgli, the boy who gets lost in the. Disney's The Jungle Book (TV Animated Series) is an american television series of Walt Disney Television. A animation spin-off TV serie of Disney's The Jungle. The Jungle Book is a 3D CGI animated television series. This series is based on the original book by Rudyard Kipling. Contents. 1 Plot; 2 Characters. Main.

    Sign in. The monkeys capture Mowgli, taking him to "The Cold Lair," the ruins of a city once inhabited by humans. The forest is celebrating the mating season. Mowgli and Bagheera feel left out because all the wolves have found partners. Mowgli and the others learn that Grizzle is still in the jungle, and is planning to usurp Akela's leadership with the help of another wolf. Watch now. The Jungle Book: The Adventures of Mowgli — Jim Hawkins, a thirteen-year-old boy in the eighteenth century, runs the Admiral Benbow Inn with his mother since his father died. The plots starts when a drunken sailor decides to stay in the hotel. The adventures of a brave and optimistic little white lion, moral leader for good animals in a jungle surrounded by dangers.

    Main characters[ edit ] Mowgli - The protagonist of the series. He is still a young boy when he becomes lost in the forest of Seeonee in British India. He lost his biological parents when they went out searching for him and fell to their deaths from a cliff, and into a river, after a panther named Bagheera unintentionally frightens them.

    The Jungle Book 90s cartoon show - Nostagia Rediscovered

    Alexander adopts him as his son and raises him as a wolf. Mowgli appears to be somewhere between the ages of 6 and 10 during the course of the show, though the first episode shows him as a toddler. He's an adventurous, fun-loving, outgoing boy. But he also goes through a sort of identity crisis, struggling to figure out just what he really is and where he really belongs. He is never without his trusty boomerang , which he fashioned from a treebranch.

    From Episode 2 to Episode 24, he was often mocked by Lala. Bagheera - A black panther , Mowgli's main teacher of the Laws of the Jungle, and his closest friend. He is seen as a de facto member of Mowgli's wolf pack. Bagheera spent part of his childhood in the care of an English family, though later escaped when his young caretaker was shot by her father.

    At one point, he was mistaken for a minion of a demonlord in Episode 11, only to redeem himself when he learns that Fargas was being mind-controlled by the blasphemous demons of Hell. At the end of the series, Bagheera chooses to leave the jungle and live amongst humans with Mowgli. Baloo - A purple sloth bear , and one of Mowgli's friends. He also serves as one of Mowgli's teachers, though he is more enthusiastic and has a gentler approach in some of his lessons.

    Despite this, he is also a very brave and selfless crusader, fighting to defend Mowgli from a hungry mugger crocodile. Though he was thought to have been slain, he was revealed to be alive and well shortly afterward.

    He has a strong fondness for honey. Kaa - A very wise yet short-tempered rock python and one of Mowgli's friends. He is brown with gold spots.

    Why the Jungle Book reminds us of Nostalgic 90s!

    He also serves as a teacher to Mowgli on a few occasions, teaching him about animals who flee from drought and showing him how to defeat the invading dholes by luring them over Bee Rocks. He is feared by a large militia of monkeys due to his short temper, as seen in Episode Akela - The leader of the pack, notably when Mowgli is first adopted into the pack and during most of Mowgli's younger days.

    His coat is mostly a dark, bluish-grey hue, with a lighter shade of those colors for his eyebrows and the thicker fur on his upper body. He is very old but very knowledgeable, and is forced out of his retirement after Alexander died. Later, he serves as Luri's consultant or advisor when she takes over as pack leader. Near the series' finale, Akela would pass away by the wounds sustained from jackals. Alexander - Mowgli's adoptive wolf father, Luri's husband, and the biological father of Akru and Sura.

    He becomes leader of the wolf pack when Akela chooses to retire. He has a fight with Vermillion, despite being unwilling to do so, to determine the successor to Akela's leadership, in accordance with the Law of the Jungle.

    During a fire that grazes the forest, Alexander dies defending his pack from Shere Khan.

    Luri - Alexander's widow, Mowgli's adoptive mother and the biological mother of Akru and Sura. Beige furred. She later becomes the official new leader of the pack and the first female leader of the pack when Akela steps down from his position once again, after originally asking Mowgli to convince Vermillion if he'd accept the request of leading. She came up with the plan of getting an ex-member of the pack named Grizzle exiled from it again, this time along with his gang, without having to battle.

    Akru has brown and beige fur, while Sura's is blue and black, like his father. They are only cubs when Mowgli is first adopted by the wolf couple but are fully grown in subsequent episodes. They are both very close to Mowgli and stay that way throughout the series, even after they leave home and find mates. Akru has a tendency to be hot-headed and does not always look before he leaps, whereas Sura tends to be calmer and more collective.

    In the French version of the show, Akru was actually female and Mowgli's adoptive sister; this later became a problem when the character becomes mates with Maki, and due to his voice actor being a woman, many mistook Sura as female in the English version initially. Sura's efforts to court Lala are, at first, incorrect, but in Episode 24, he proves his worthiness to her by keeping a trio of crocodiles away from her long enough for Baloo to finish them.

    In the ninth episode, Akru was briefly exiled from the pack, but re-welcomed after Mowgli conjures a remedy to ease his injuries.

    Sura becomes a father of two cubs, making Akru and Mowgli uncles. Vermillion - Lala's father and Alexander's great friend. He competes with Alexander to be the next leader of the pack, when his father, Akela, chooses to step down.

    He acquires a scar on his left eye afterwards. His fur is red in color. It is later revealed that they had also fought previously to decide which one would marry Luri. He later moves away, apparently leaving his daughter behind, and becomes the leader of a pack of wolves in a rocky desert area. Bacchus - A fat wolf who can never hunt properly. He is more fitted to babysitting the wolf cubs.

    He appears more often in the first half of the series, and is occasionally used for comic relief. He is mentioned later on however, when everyone was discussing the topic of a new leader one of the wolves said Bacchus should lead the pack, much to some of the other wolves' dismay , though no further mention of him occurs after that.

    The Jungle Book (TV series)

    Fargas - An old wolf who was saved by Alexander from a pack of dholes. His fur is pale blue or fully white. Bagheera voiced by Sam Gold - A black panther. He is Mowgli's best friend. Unlike his counterpart in the Disney film, Bagheera is not as wise or strict as in the book.

    Most animals in the jungle never dare to step in the way of the panther. He often fights Shere Khan to save Mow. Baloo voiced by Jimmy Hibbert - A brown bear. In the series, he is bipedal, wears glasses and he is Mowgli's mentor.

    Baloo likes to tell stories of the jungle. Kaa voiced by Joseph J. Terry - An Indian rock python. Like in the book, he is sort of friends with Mowgli, Bagheera, and Baloo, yet moody and feared.

    Daruka voiced by Aaron Albertus - The adoptive father of Mowgli.

    Other books: JUNGLE GIRL PDF

    Although Mowgli usually lives with Baloo and Bagheera, he visits Daruka's family sometimes. Raksha - The adoptive mother of Mowgli. Lali - The daughter of Daruka and Raksha. Children Are Innocent : Ponya is this. She is sweet, friendly and has a child-like personality. The Dragon : Tabaqui, though he's not particularly good at it.

    Grumpy Old Man : Kaa acts as one in most of the episodes. Forgetful Jones : Darzi has an incredibly terrible memory. Honorable Elephant : Just like his book counterpart, Haithi is a powerful and respected figure in the jungle whom even Shere Khan backs away from. Jerkass : Shere Khan, Jacala and Phaona are main examples.

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